Digital Levels, Laser Distance Meter,Laser Levels, Spirit Level and Spirit Level Vials

We offer a wide standard range of inclinometer, spirit level and spirit level vials to suit most leveling or angle measurement requirements, alongside a custom design & production service for customers with specific product requirements. On this site you will find details of our range of Spirit levels, spirit level vials, ground vials, vials, circular levels, inclinometers, tilt sensors, electronic levels, plastic vials, instrument levels, acrylic vials, clinometers and an online shop facility for some of our standard products. Please contact us for technical advice, more information or a quotation, or if you have specific design & production requirements that you would like to discuss.

Digital Levels

These self-contained digital inclinometers with display units can be used to give a direct readout of the angle. Some types also have a digital output to provide information or feedback to a controlling system. Please click the image or links left for more information. If you need any assistance with product selection then please contact us with your requirements.

- Laser Digital Level
- Digital Angel Level
- Smart Tool Digital Level
- MiniPro Digital Protractor
- PRO360L Digital Protractor
- Digital, angle measurement

- Digital inclinometers
- Electronic inclinometer
- Digital protractor
- Clinometers
- Inclinometer
- Digital tilt sensor

Laser Distance Meter

We has developed five laser distance meter models. World's lightest and thinnest laser distance meter; Best seller; The world's first SMART Operating System based laser distance meter; and the IP67 protected, world's highest protection for laser distance meter. If you need any assistance with product selection then please contact us with your requirements.

- LV-DM30
- LV-DM70

- LV-DM60
- LV-DM100U

Laser Levels

The various specifications laser product may meet customers' different requirements, such as laser level, laser range finder have been widely used in the architecture, construction, road construction, giant apparatus' installation, indoor upholstery, etc. Meanwhile our laser illumination and night vision system have been widely used in coastal and border defense, oil development, public security patrol and so on. please contact us with your requirements.

- Cross Line Laser Level
- Laser Level

- Cross Line Level
- Laser Leveling

Spirit level vials

spirit level vials
We manufacture all types of circular spirit levels and circular spirit level vials. Please click the image or links left for more information

- Surface mounted levels
- Flush mounted spirit levels
- Glass circular level vials
- Plastic circular level vials
- Inclinometer levels
- Large diameter levels
- High precision
- LED illuminated levels

- Tritium illuminated levels
- Precision ground level vial
- Low cost ground level vial
- Opto-electronic sensor vial
- For self leveling instruments
- Bent spirit level vial
- Inclinometer vial
- Ball type inclinometer vial
- Circular spirit level vial

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