Plastic Cylindrical and Tubular Vials

imgdrawingWe offer many standard types of plastic level from stock to suit most applications. We can supply high volume, low cost plastic level vials for OEM customers, or small quantities of standard products for more specialist companies with smaller requirements. Please contact us for more information.
Part No. L (mm) D (mm) LS (mm) Colour
LV-PT12/5 12 5 4.5 Green,red
LV-PT14/6 14 6 5 Green,red
LV-PT15/6 15 6   Green,red
LV-PT18/6 18 6   Green,red
LV-PT18/6.5 18 6.5   Green,red
LV-PT20/8 20 8   Green,red
LV-PT20/10 20 10 6 Blue, Clear
LV-PT21/6.7 21 6.7   Green,red
LV-PT22/8 22 8   Green,red
LV-PT22//9 22 9   Green,red
LV-PT22.5/8 22.5 8   Green,red
LV-PT23/8 23 8   Green,red
LV-PT23/9 23 9   Green,red
LV-PT25/7 25 7 9.5 Green,red
LV-PT25/9.4 25.2 9.5 12 Green,red
LV-PT25/10 25 10 9.5 Green,red
LV-PT30/9.5 30 9.5   Green,red
LV-PT30/10 30 10   Green,red
LV-PT31/8 31 8   Green,red
LV-PT31/9.5 31 9.5   Green,red
LV-PT34/9.5 34 9.5   Green,red
LV-PT40.9.5 40 9.5   Green,red
LV-PT35/15 35 15 13 Green,red
LV-PT38/9.4 38 9.4 13.5 Green,red
LV-PT40/9.5 39.6 9.5 13 Green,red
LV-PT42/42 42 12 12.7 Green,red

Ground Glass Spirit Level Vials

Ground spirit level vials are generally used in applications which require a higher degree of accuracy than is achievable with the low cost plastic vials. We manufacture these in a wide range of sizes and sensitivities and produce many standard types as well as custom made products for OEM's. We have an advanced production facility which enables us to produce extremely high quality vials in small or large quantities at very competitive prices. Please contact us for more information.

Manufacturing and Quality Control

We have an advanced manufacturing and inspection facility which enables us to produce vials to the highest quality at very competitive prices. The production is split into several distinct processes. The first of these is the grinding which is key to the overall performance of the vial. We use custom designed grinding equipment to achieve a consistent and repeatable sensitivity to ensure that the movement of the bubble is smooth and linear over the operating range. The second process is to close the vials. This is done using automated equipment to ensure accuracy, and is continually monitored by our highly trained staff. Then the lines are printed onto the vial using high quality printing equipment and ceramic inks. The ink is then fired into the glass surface which makes the markings permanent and scratch proof. The final process is the filling, which is controlled by an automated vision system to ensure the size of the bubble is kept within tolerance. All of these processes take place in a clean environmentally controlled laboratory to eliminate the possibility of contact information. If you are interested in how these vials could work for your application, then please contact us for more information.1


- Laser levels and surveying instruments
- Engineers levels, frame levels and machinist workshop levels
- Gun sights and targeting systems
- General purpose instrument levels

Square Section Spirit Level Vials

Part No. L (mm) W (mm) H LS (mm)
LV-PS32 32 12 12 9.8
LV-PS36 36 15 15 12
LV-PS29 29 10 10 11.5
LV-PS36 36 15 15 13
LV-PS40 40 15 15 13
These vials have a standard sensitivity of 35 arc minutes for 2mm. They are extremely high quality vials with a machined barrel form bore so they can be mounted or referenced against any of the four sides.  They have circle type inserts for line markings for optimum clarity and zero parallax error. They have a molded radius on one face only and have internally printed lines on the same face. If you are interested in how these vials could work for your application, then please contact us for more information.

Plastic Screw-on Level Vials

Part No. L
Screw on levels with fixed end caps.
LV-PF55 55 15 15 41 4.15
LV-PF56 56 15 15 42 4.15
LV-PF66 66 15 17.5 51 4.15
LV-PF70 70 17 17 53 4.15
LV-PF88 88 16 16 49.7 4.15
LV-PF98 98 16 16 75.7 4.15
Screw on levels with separate end caps.
LV-PE56 56 15 17.5 43 4.15
Screw on levels for flush or underside mounting.
LV-PS60 60 15 15 45.8 4.15
LV-PU66 66 15 18.7 51 3
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